Idyll Lodges is an off-grid fossil-fuel-free development which uses local material, much of it sourced on site, to construct earthen structures as has been the tradition in Banham for centuries. It delivers ‘sustainable development’ advancing Banham’s legacy of clay lump, daub, brick and tile making with a twenty-first century iteration of rammed earth construction. This exceptional development will manage its own energy and water, with hidden solar PV, solar thermal, heat pumps and a massive in-ground thermal energy store delivering off-grid hot water year round.

High quality design to make best possible use of the site and innovation to capture the imagination are built in. Clay and sand sub-soil dug out for the foundations and pond will be used to build the structures, garden walling and other features around the site. Reclaimed and low embodied energy materials will be used extensively and imaginatively, such as Catalan vaulted ceilings providing high thermal mass with minimal virgin material brought on site. Structure efficiency is off the scale with an unprecedented independent Design SAP rating 131A, implying Idyll may be one of the most energy efficient developments in the country, offering a new benchmark for building performance in the UK.

Idyll Lodges is designed to be a destination experience with natural living, wellbeing and a sense of hygge at its core. The season is extended to year round use with a private sheltered sun terrace, masonry heater, pizza oven, hot tub, sauna and steam room. The 60m natural swimming pond provides a chemical free, crystal clear soft water experience. Enlightened guests will enjoy guilt free luxury indoor/outdoor living, with space for privacy and space to socialise. Sensitive design with single floor living and natural materials give inclusive accommodation designed to deliver an exceptional guest experience. All guests will directly experience carbon free living, demonstrating that luxury and eco are not exclusive and effectively spreading the eco word. Idyll will influence and inspire others to follow by example.

This website is all about the build phase, and a separate website will be developed in the future for the guest experience from 2024. Idyll now has full Planning Consent and invites collaboration to be the best it can be, testing ideas, demonstrating technologies, reporting performance and showcasing an integration of art. Our performance, technologies, techniques and experience will be openly shared for the good of all. In particular a Friends of Idyll programme will be developed to reward involvement with preferential benefits, unique life experiences and insights to future possibilities.