About Us


Kevin and Alison met late in life and now live in rural Norfolk with a bunch of older kids, 2 dogs and a cat. They were lucky to acquire some land out back behind their garden and spent a couple of years developing a plan for some holiday lodges, to provide a means for them to live off the land together. In September 2020 Planning Consent was finally obtained for 4 luxury eco holiday lodges and natural swimming pond, giving the project the degree of certainty that yes, it is going to happen!Kevin & Ali

We formed a company called Idyll Country Ltd that will build and run a luxury holiday spa lodge development that we plan to complete by 2024. We propose to develop a hidden, under-used and awkward plot behind a quiet little industrial estate, providing a living and local employment, working with local business, art and the wider community. It will be a Destination in its own right, bringing premium tourism to the gateway of Norfolk and Suffolk and attracting international eco-tourism. We will be working with others to develop, inform and demonstrate the future built environment for the good of all.

Kevin - A lifelong Design Engineer and passionate innovator, he has designed the entire site with help from our architect Dr Harrall, McLeod Studio and Ekkist  wellbeing consultants. Kevin is very hands-on, with a great eye for detail.

Alison - A full career in teaching has cumulated as Headmistress at a school for special needs. She has a degree in Art and Master in Textile Design, and her favourite pastime is painting. We will build an art studio in 2022 to allow art and craft tuition. In due course we hope to hold art inspired weekends and events. The studio will be naturally built using compressed earth blocks and timber cladding, and is expected to be carbon neutral.