3rd January 2021 - Straw Clay Experiment

Clay ExperimentThis is clay from our site made into a slip and dried. This slip plus straw was pressed into formwork to make 3 densities of straw clay. Most right is a dense block probably close to cob. On the left is a very light block that just about holds together and better for insulation.

This was just an experiment, we'll do some trials with various mixes of clay and sand to make rammed earth test blocks in due course.

1st January 2021 - Borehole

Water Borehole

This is our borehole on the right, filter in middle and buffer tank on left.

idyll site

We believe it's about 60m deep. We will need to upgrade the setup but it will provide all the fresh water we need.

20th December 2020 - Computer Image & Drawing of Site

Here we go, our first post! This is a computer image and drawing of the site. It doesn't have all the detail but gives an idea of the layout.

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