For Technology demonstration, Research & Development, Test, Monitor and Showcase. Let others experience eco-technologies.

Donate Your Time

We have numerous points of interest planned, the headliners being rammed earth walls, earthen floors, compressed earth blocks, cob, and catalan vault ceilings. The site has scope to be a major UK earth building centre over the next coulpe of years. We hope to run workshops for selected volunteers for unique and unforgettable life experiences.

Donate Materials and Equipment

Prevent materials going to waste and landfill; help us to reuse and upcycle. Similarly, disused equipment could be borrowed or repurposed.

Donate Plants

The 1.7acre site will be landscaped sympathetically to its natural surrounding, however we plan to introduce some mediteranean structural pieces. We also need 250m2 of planting in the natural pond regeneration zone. A planting plan will be developed in due course.


This is a privately funded project to support our family, it is not a charity. However we have developed strategies to put sustainability at its very core, adding significant expense for the purpose of eco development, knowledge sharing and inspiration. We will publish everything we do for the good of all, and really appreciate all the help we can get to make the project as good as it can be! Perhaps together we can make a difference.


Dr Harrall - Architect, helped us to define the site layout, lodge structures, and gain planning consent.

Studio McLeod - Architects, in concert with Ekkist helped us develop the aesthetics, internal layout for wellbeing and user experience.

Ekkist - Wellbeing Consultants, helped us with the user experience, strategies, materials and products to ensure the best possible experience for our guests.

Hartwyn - Natural Building Consultants, are helping us with the project management.

Equipmake Ltd have donated brass filament (an industrial waste product) that we will develop for use as earthen structure stabilisation. The brass fibre reinforcement will increase structural strength and reduce the risk of cracking as the wall dries out.

Contact Us to collaborate on any aspect, for mutual benefit and the good of all