The Idyll Destination


The Site

The 1.7 acre site is largely level ground, positioned behind gardens and a quiet little industrial estate in Banham, Norfolk. The north, east and west sides are surrounded by fields, affording views across open farmland. An existing feature is a large pond with an island. With an access track to Heath Road, about 100m to the south, this is an ideal project to regenerate the site sympathetically to its natural surroundings.

The Lodges

Four identical 2-bedroom lodges are positioned in a gentle arc, facing south. These earthen structures are built largely from the sub-soil clay and sand excavated on site, that together with other measures such as reuse of waste materials, ensure an extremely high level of sustainability in the build. With off-grid energy and water, measures to conserve and high thermal mass structures, we ensure the best possible level of sustainability will be maintained for the decades of use to come.

Natural Swimming Pond

At over 60m long, with a 250m2 swimming zone and 250m2 regeneration zone the natural swimming pond is a major feature on the site, and an amazing experience to complement the spa facilities. Ultra low energy bubble pumps will circulate water during daylight hours, allowing natural filtration without any chemicals. Water will be soft to swim in, and so clean you could drink it. During warmer months the sun will naturally heat the water to a comfortable 24°C.


Driven to be the best it can be, we have taken every effort to ensure every detail is considered and there for good reason. We aim to inform, demonstrate and inspire all those who visit us, and ensure that everyone takes something away that makes the world a better place.